We always wonder why my competitor is doing well in Business and why am I not. We never tend to research on the strategies what our competitors are following and always follow the hard way of Marketing instead of a Smart way of Marketing.

Let’s take an example of our daily routine, if we are hungry we look for food. If you are given a plate of meal after you had your food, you will obliviously say no.

Same with Marketing, if someone don’t need the product or services and you go and market your product or services to them, chances of closing is very less. This is know as Push Marketing.

If someone needs your product or services and when they look for your products and services and if you are there in front of them, you will almost close the deal. When a customer search for product or service, changes of closing is very high. This is called Pull Marketing. Customer look for you and find you and buy it from you.

Now you have to see where your potential customer spend most of their time and how you can reach them easily when they are looking for your product and service.

Suppose you spend 100 and 1000 of dollars in the News Paper to do an advertisement, will the customer be able to reach you whenever they want to contact you? We hardly know the success rate of new paper until and unless we receive a call from them.

SEO = Visibility = Profitability

What gets measured, gets improved! In Digital Marketing all aspects are measurable. The visitor behaviour can be easily identified with certian analytics and could identify if your website is working for you or not.

Online Marketing is Investment, Not a Cost.